Boho Room Décor

Boho hammock in living room

Boho Room Décor Ideas for the Living Space

If you have an adventurous spirit, then you will love these bohemian room décor ideas for your living space.

Boho décor is not for the faint of heart, which is why Boho style décor is popular among people who identify as free spirits. However, its eclectic charms, natural materials, and vivid colors make it perfect for anyone who loves experimenting with bright color schemes, layering diverse patterns, and relying on a wide-ranging variety of accessories.

Creating a bohemian-inspired room is all about fully expressing your personal style, regardless of current design trends. So, when you are ready, the bedroom or living room are two excellent spaces in your home to start your boho-style inspired décor journey.

As you design, remember, there are no rules or boundaries when it comes to boho-chic decor. Instead, it's a look and style that, when executed properly, can transcend fads and trends to create a timeless expression of taste.

Boho is derived from the phrase bohemian, taken from the French word gypsy. It's a term used to describe the free-spirited traveler who does not like being tied to a specific culture or location.  

If you consider yourself a free spirit and the elements of this design style speak to you, test your creativity and break free from the norm.

These unique boho room décor ideas will surely inspire you on your journey, so let's get started!    

Idea #1:  Incorporate Boho Inspired Hammocks

These bohemian beauties can be used to create or transform your indoor space into a relaxing oasis. Whether it be your living room, bedroom, meditation room, or kids' playroom, hammocks add a gentle texture and inviting ambiance to your space.

Hammocks, macramé, or fabric are all excellent options for sprucing up your decor and creating a welcoming atmosphere. And, with a few plush pillows and a warm blanket, you'll never want to leave.

Hammocks come in a variety of styles, ensuring that there is something to fit everyone's preferences.



Idea #2: Hang Beautiful Boho Inspired Curtains

Bohemian curtains filled with intriguing patterns and colors render a carefree, creative, and artistic feel to your space. You can opt from vintage prints, beaded valances, Moroccan curtains, Indian patterns, and more to create the style and design you are going for.

To add more texture to your room, try replacing your closet door with long-flowing curtain panels in the colors and patterns of your choice. Of course, it would be ideal to incorporate colorful bohemian style patterns that encompass a bit of nature, such as flowers, a tribute to the fun fact that the term 'flower child' emerged from boho influences.

You can also hang a pair of café curtains or a short boho curtain underneath a striking piece of stained glass for a unique window treatment.

Curtains in boho-styled designs eclectic mix of colors, patterns, and textures, make them perfect for incorporating in any modern or farmhouse design as well.



Idea #3: Perfectly Placed Boho Inspired Coffee Tables

Adding a coffee table to your living room space is worth more than just consideration when renovating or redesigning your home.

Including the ideal coffee table in your design should not only be a part of your plan but on the top of the list. It is an essential element to creating that perfect livable living room space. And an excellent choice for a boho-styled-inspired design.

If you are in the market for boho-style living room furniture, here are some of the best ways to incorporate coffee tables into your living room space to achieve that perfect boho look.

Seek a Table Made of Unique Materials

There is no need to play it safe when it comes to your bohemian "Boho" style coffee table. And Yes, you can choose something low to the ground. This is a common theme noted in bohemian furniture.

Another common feature with boho-style furniture, including coffee tables, are the many styles and unique materials. They are available in beautiful and long-lasting materials such as acacia wood, rustic and multi-colored solid reclaimed wood, and teak driftwood with glass tabletops.

These beautiful designs, styles, and shapes would add to the room's boho feel, bringing in interest and texture.       

Use a Terrazzo Table to Enhance a Small Space

If you want the perfect boho chic table for a small space, a terrazzo table is the way to go. This table will complement any color scheme and may also be used as a nightstand.  

Add Drama to Your Space with a Dark Table
Boho-style designs are prevalent in light and airy, vibrant, and attractive colors and accessories. However, if you like, you can create a darker-themed, bohemian-styled environment that is equally as stunning.

If you want to get this appearance, start with your furnishings. You might also go for a dark sofa instead of a white or beige sofa. Then, in darker materials, hues, and tones, add a boho round coffee table. Also, use darker-colored accents to tie everything together.


Idea #5: Mix and Match Boho Inspired pillows and pillow covers

Throw pillows and home décor in the boho style will never go out of style. Because of the endless options and versatility of boho décor, you can experiment with each home design style that has come and gone. Here are some ideas for using boho throw pillows to decorate your living space.

Keep an Open Mind
One of the many secrets to arranging your living space in a Bohemian style is to have an open mind. For example, mix and match large and small throw pillows in your living room. Use pillow covers with textured upholstery, botanical designs, and colorful woven fabric to give your home a boho feel. Even if your living room walls are neutrally colored, the colorful and textured throw pillows will beautifully create the boho vibe you're looking for.

Incorporate Color and Texture
Any bohemian design relies heavily on color and texture. It exemplifies the free-thinking attitude associated with the bohemian lifestyle. The secret is to pick the perfect color, texture, and size mix. Anything that appears synthetic should be avoided in your boho living room. Natural textiles are the best option.


Idea #6: Boho Inspired wall décor

When it comes to achieving a bohemian aesthetic in your living space, wall art and plants are two things you can never have enough of. If you have a large bare wall in your living room and are unsure how to style it, you can use dried palm leaves, mirrors, woven macrame tapestries, and more to make great wall displays. You can hang them as a stand-alone statement piece or add them to your gallery wall for that additional boho touch. Here are some ideas for using boho-inspired wall décor and art to decorate your living space.

 Improve your aesthetic with Decorative Wall Baskets
The pinnacle of the bohemian aesthetic is decorative wall baskets. You can create a gallery of baskets instead of artwork to create an ultimate boho wall.

Breath Life into your space with a new Wall Tapestry
A wall tapestry is one of the best ways to incorporate new pieces into your bohemian living space. However, you don't have to restrict yourself to the confines of the wall. Colorful textiles may also breathe new life into a dull sofa, giving it an immediate boho makeover.

Experiment with Arch Wall Decals
If you are looking for a bohemian living room decor that isn't too overbearing, then an Arch Wall Decal may be just what you need. An arch wall decal can transform your living room into a bohemian haven. And, when you are ready to freshen things up, you can peel it off to try something new.

Incorporate Macramé Wall Décor
One of the hallmarks of the bohemian style is macramé wall décor. Whether you want to go with a plant holder, knotted wall hanging, or woven macramé tapestry, you have a lot of possibilities. You can experiment with various styles and patterns to ensure that you always find something suitable for your space.


Create Ambiance with String Lights
Try using boho lighting if you want to create a relaxing atmosphere in your boho living space. For this, string lights would be ideal. And, of course, lighting fixtures such as scones or lanterns could also be used to set the mood. In addition, they'll provide the perfect backdrop for your bohemian furniture to shine.

Additional Accents:

Boho Rugs

Rugs are an easy way to dress up a space and can add a new dimension to your space. They add texture and warmth, and bring color and pattern into your home. Plus, they make a great feature in any room.